English pancakes – BBC Good Food recipe

Posted by on Jan 30, 2016 in Blog, Dadam Dooks

It’s only been 15 or so years that I’ve been meaning to make these… Strange…

Found this one that looked a lot like I remember them looking, so went for it:


A few things to watch though:

  • Weigh the ingredients… Don’t convert them if you’re in the US – weird things will happen if you don’t.
  • The batter will be very runny.  Recipe says thick cream… Mine was more like milk.
  • Move quickly when you ladel them into the pan.  I tried tilting the pan and I just ended up with uneven coverage because they’re cooking while you’re tilting.  I just ran the ladel in quick circles, splashing the batter a little, but the results overall were better.
  • Try them with a few different fillings / toppings (the batter is very plan and only has a little flavor itself).  A few of my favorites:
    • Sugar and lemon juice
    • Sugar and malt vinegar
    • Nutella
  • Finally, they may come out of the pan a little crispy – just stack tthem and they’ll soften up nicely!


Will try to upload a picture to this soon!

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