Back online after 4 years!

Posted by on Jul 23, 2013 in Blog

So much has happened since my last post over 4 years ago!  I am now the proud father of two beautiful little girls, am working for an international advertising company, have recently burned my house down, and cut off all my hair 2 months ago…

So – why am I doing this again?  Why tackle this behemoth?  Why subject myself to self-imposed deadlines and stress to do everything I can the “right” way online?

Its an online world

I’ve been working in the online space for more than 15 years now everything from marketing, building, specifying, and more and it is increasingly obvious that as more and more of our lives moves online, being in control of your online presence is becoming ever more important.  I’ve owned my own domain name on and off for 10 years or so and only recently re-acquired it to start this grand adventure.

So what am I setting out to do?  Basically – take control of my online life.  Googling myself (not as publicly embarrassing as you might think… here’s mine – highly recommended you check yours from time to time) and comparing to a few years ago, so many things have changed.  I used to own the first page of Google entirely – all of the results were me, or something I’d contributed to.  No longer the case.  Even ignoring the fact that almost everyone gets personalized results based on their previous searches, 4 of the results on my screen aren’t me!

Our online lives are ever expanding, with certain sites/experiences standing out as primary nodes in our networked presences.  From Facebook to Google+, LinkedIn to Twitter, personal branding and presentation is becoming more and more essential to your professional life, not just your personal life – so who’d want to leave that to chance?

So, here I go on the grand adventure – any advice?

Wish me luck!

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