New Year, New Job, New Resolutions, New Observations (Complaints)

Posted by on Jan 15, 2009 in Blog

First post of 2009 – is this some sort of milestone? Should I immortalize this happening in song and glorify the moment for all the ages?

Probably not.

Which brings me to my next topic! Honors.

I like honors – I think it is important to remember those who have given, sacrificed and died to preserve our way of life, our liberties and our rights to have other “L” initiated things. But what is the point of honoring someone/something if noone knows it?

I was sitting in my local BW3 (I finally found out what the 3rd W is…) watching the trivia questions pop up on one of the abnormally frequent TVs. A question presented itself regarding the red stripe down the leg of the uniform for a US Marine. Did you know it honors previously fallen Marines? I didn’t – so what is the point?

Is it that the only honoring they care about is from those who know what it means and are therefore in the “in-crowd”? seems to be a pretty small group to me – if I were a fallen Marine, I would like to think more people are honoring me than a group of stuffy alive bastards with all their legs.

The same goes for many other things – the symbology on the dollar bills for instance. How many people know about the Star of David hidden in there? That is was put there to honor the contributions of a prominent Jew who asked for nothing more than something for his people? How is this honoring his contributions to the establishment of the county, if noone knows what it’s there for?

Very strange behavior… Makes me sad in some ways… I love ellipses…

So now that is out of the way, some news… (there’s another one!) I am no longer with Cox AutoTrader/Automart (longer name = quick collapse? the evidence is there!) after having been downsized. Seems I got out just early enough as they’ve recently announced they’ll be merging what’s left of that group into ATC like some amorphous blob preparing to feed. I have fortunately, landed at a local web solutions firm and am staying engaged with my love of technology.

Now that I’m in and things are starting to settle into a nice rythm, I have time once more to blog, watch Youtube and waste vast amounts of time on – oh the humanity.

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