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My stream of consciousness beginnings to these entries hasn’t failed me yet and today is no exception!

Except that it is.

Over the last few months I’ve come up with any number of things that would be fun and interesting to write about but the very instant that I sit down to do it, they fly from my brain like lemmings from a cliff. This isn’t the first time either – my brain seems increasingly incapable of holding information for any longer than an Alzheimer ridden goldfish.

The curious thing is that certain bits of info, usually of an entirely useless nature, get lodged deep in my memory never to be lost. If only I could figure out why. Why can’t I remember that I am driving to the grocery store and not straight home, but can immediately recall the address of the house in Bordon, England that we lived in 15+ years ago? Why can’t I recall what I had for dinner last night, yet I can with unerring ease recall the color of the frames on my wife’s movie star sun glasses from a picture of her in California? If I could figure that out, I’d never have a problem remembering anything!

Brains are odd. Zombies love them, big is better, pink and wrinkly is ideal. largely comprised of fat and water with a few electrolytes thrown in for flavor. Not too different from the primordial goo we are all supposed to have come from. Go figure. Our brains are one of the most complicated organs in our body and one of only a handful that we simply can’t do without. Unless you’re running for congress.

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