New Digital Camera

Posted by on Sep 6, 2007 in Blog

We just picked up a new digital camera after our old one decided it no longer wanted to cooperate with us… We’d been using a Kodak Easy Share z740 for a couple of years and absolutely loved it – a little bulky like the first round rejects from “America’s next top model”, but took great pictures with minimal effort. Something buggered it up though and the lens stopped extending when we turned it on… Thought at first we had gotten sand inside the mechanism, so I took it apart, cleaned out the sand and reassembled… no dice, still buggered, not happening. It is entirely possible that I didn’t reassemble properly, but I’m usually pretty good with these things, so I’m going to be entirely too arrogant and assume that I did everything right as usual and there is something else wrong with the camera!

With our impending trip to San Francisco and my birthday (yay – happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me…etc, etc)we decided to take the plunge and get ourselves another mid-range digital camera. We stuck with Kodak because the color chip was one of the best we’ve seen, and until the z740 stopped working, it was a great little camera. Toodled off to BestBuy and picked up an M833 – much smaller, shinier, lighter and with a couple more megapixels…

It had me at shiney.

We veritably skipped home to play with it and ran into our first problem – the pictures didn’t look as good as with the old camera… WTF? finally figured out the ISO was automatically setting too high… forced it into ISO 64 and everything is peachy. I’ll let you know more when we get back from the trip, but the birthday pictures turned out pretty good!

This is not the camera we picked… almost though, those flash cubes are so sexy!