Coffee, coffee, coffee

Posted by on Aug 29, 2007 in Blog

I love coffee – not just like – true, deep, sweaty, slightly disturbing love. I, along with many similarly addicted people around the world, do not do well without atleast 3 or 4 cups of coffee each and every day. I start the morning with a giant tub of the stuff that I usually finish before I reach the interstate – a good thing for all other motorists I’m sure.

I sometimes wonder where we would be without coffee – people being people, you know there would be another source of caffeine that everyone would be addicted to. The only one springing to mind being tea. Tea is not a beverage for the impatient. A good brew takes at least 2 minutes – way too long for your average addict – while coffee can be done in seconds (espresso even faster!). Would that make the world a calmer place, or would we simply leverage all of our technological advancements into brewing tea quicker? Would an espresso machine work well with tea leaves?

I’ve always wanted to try Russian tea – hot from a samovar – concentrated, strong, enough caffeine to put hair on your eyeballs. But, I’ll never give up my coffee addiction. Coffee seems to enhance ADD – I like pie! Look! A bike! Let’s fly kites! (fun!) There is serious argument for coffee being the most addictive substance on earth – it doesn’t hurt you, gives you a buzz, makes you 9,000% more productive and is served on pretty much every street corner thanks to delightful capitalist enterprise from small mid-western towns!

I can type so fast, I can’t see my fingers – but only after my 5th coffee (after the 9th I start moving backwards in time).

Coffee video: