2 October

Knights of the Realm & The Dutchess of Pork

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Never being one to pass up the opportunity to wax poetic on the vagaries and complexities of the British way of life, I found myself wonderfully engaged in a brief discussion on Knighthood. I’m for it. I loved the original idea behind a Knighthood – rewarding and recognising a British citizen for duties above and […]

27 September

Data Recovery Part III – Almost done!

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Well – after my last supremely wonderful post that simply pwned the problem, I get home last night to do some more fiddling and take some pictures (below) and find the “fixed” drive no longer accessing. Figures. In typical Adam-fashion, I had over-engineered the solution and it turns out it is much simpler than I […]

26 September

Data Recovery Part II – the son of the return of the revenge of Data Recovery

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Okay – quick update on the data recovery ongoing drama… I swapped out the PCB cards mounted on the two hard drives and found that I was able to access the data on the “broken” drive. That should mean that I can take an image of each of the two drives using the Runtime Data […]

25 September


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Well, maybe not… So we come back from vacation on Saturday only to discover that my home server had crashed worse than an epileptic driving a robin reliant. I had a RAID 0 array setup for performance (two hard drives, striped data, half goes to one drive, half to the other) into a 500GB combined […]

13 September

More buff than a car shining commercial

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I started weightlifting last weekend – one more attempt at actually doing something good for me! A friend of ours gave us a weight bench with a set of olympic weights and a nice 45 pound bar – then proceeded to kick my ass with a workout the likes of which my body has never […]

6 September

New Digital Camera

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We just picked up a new digital camera after our old one decided it no longer wanted to cooperate with us… We’d been using a Kodak Easy Share z740 for a couple of years and absolutely loved it – a little bulky like the first round rejects from “America’s next top model”, but took great […]

5 September

Mr. Manners

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So, I was talking with my wife the other day (that’s right, my wife – sorry ladies) and we got to talking about how rude some people can be… Our discussion actually started on children’s increasing disrespect for their parents – for God’s sake, they gave you life and you’re pissed because they ask you […]

31 August

ADD day!

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So – after the posting about coffee, I was dismayed to discover that the people I was lunching with don’t drink coffee! One even had the effrontery to state that he’d never had a cup in his life! OMG – have you been living under a rock?! But wait – while my friend doesn’t drink […]

29 August

Coffee, coffee, coffee

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I love coffee – not just like – true, deep, sweaty, slightly disturbing love. I, along with many similarly addicted people around the world, do not do well without atleast 3 or 4 cups of coffee each and every day. I start the morning with a giant tub of the stuff that I usually finish […]

28 August

Positive tracks…

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Well – after a slew of reviews from the two of you who actually read my blog, I am amazed to discover that people agree with me about the whole bathroom privacy and anonymity issues! This shocking development further emboldens me to continue waxing lyrical about all manner of salubrious happenings and turn this blog […]