27 September

Data Recovery Part III – Almost done!

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Well – after my last supremely wonderful post that simply pwned the problem, I get home last night to do some more fiddling and take some pictures (below) and find the “fixed” drive no longer accessing. Figures. In typical Adam-fashion, I had over-engineered the solution and it turns out it is much simpler than I […]

26 September

Data Recovery Part II – the son of the return of the revenge of Data Recovery

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Okay – quick update on the data recovery ongoing drama… I swapped out the PCB cards mounted on the two hard drives and found that I was able to access the data on the “broken” drive. That should mean that I can take an image of each of the two drives using the Runtime Data […]

25 September


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Well, maybe not… So we come back from vacation on Saturday only to discover that my home server had crashed worse than an epileptic driving a robin reliant. I had a RAID 0 array setup for performance (two hard drives, striped data, half goes to one drive, half to the other) into a 500GB combined […]

13 September

More buff than a car shining commercial

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I started weightlifting last weekend – one more attempt at actually doing something good for me! A friend of ours gave us a weight bench with a set of olympic weights and a nice 45 pound bar – then proceeded to kick my ass with a workout the likes of which my body has never […]

6 September

New Digital Camera

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We just picked up a new digital camera after our old one decided it no longer wanted to cooperate with us… We’d been using a Kodak Easy Share z740 for a couple of years and absolutely loved it – a little bulky like the first round rejects from “America’s next top model”, but took great […]

5 September

Mr. Manners

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So, I was talking with my wife the other day (that’s right, my wife – sorry ladies) and we got to talking about how rude some people can be… Our discussion actually started on children’s increasing disrespect for their parents – for God’s sake, they gave you life and you’re pissed because they ask you […]