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30 January

English pancakes – BBC Good Food recipe

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It’s only been 15 or so years that I’ve been meaning to make these… Strange… Found this one that looked a lot like I remember them looking, so went for it: A few things to watch though: Weigh the ingredients… Don’t convert them if you’re in the US – weird things will happen if […]

23 July

Back online after 4 years!

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So much has happened since my last post over 4 years ago!  I am now the proud father of two beautiful little girls, am working for an international advertising company, have recently burned my house down, and cut off all my hair 2 months ago… So – why am I doing this again?  Why tackle […]

23 January

So what got it all started?

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An interesting question that until recently I had no idea had controversy beyond the creationist versus evolutionist argument. First off, let’s define the term “evolution” since that is really at the root of this disagreement. Evolution can represent two separate and distinct theories that, while not at odds with each other, at least don’t need […]


What some nice people have said about me...

  • Robyn Katzman

    Adam is constantly innovating within his industry. His openness to new betas and features has not only strengthened his own core business but has improved Google’s overall relationship with Cox Auto Trader. Adam’s flexibility and ability to provide valuable feedback on our existing products and features makes working with Adam an absolute pleasure.

    - Robyn Katzman
  • Georg Fuhs

    Adam was as a project management mentor to me during a complex line-of-business application relocation project. He patiently explained our project management process and navigated me through the project approval wickets. Adam made himself available to review the project documentation I developed and provided thoughtful critiques on how to improve it.  Adam was on the vanguard for employing technology to better manage our project portfolio. Adam has a deep understanding of Project Management practices and is able to meld them with superior people skills and technology to produce successful outcomes.

    - Georg Fuhs
  • Robyn Olson

    Adam is one of the smartest people I know. His ability to grasp both the the business and technical sides of a project allowed him to speak to both end-users and technical teams with ease.

    He was a great asset to the Cox team and is highly respected and recommended.

    - Robyn Olson
  • Dyanne Walker

    Adam was at Web Teks for a little over three years and was a pleasure working with. He filled many roles in the company and was always taking on more responsibilities. He worked well with his co-workers and with clients and was liked by all. He’s bright and witty and will be an asset anywhere he goes.

    - Dyanne Walker
  • Tom Walker

    Adam is one the brightest stars of our industry. His ability to take on the most innovative and challenging projects is unparalleled. With an aggressive and unwavering commitment to product delivery, Adam is an invaluable asset to any organization trying to improve their technology position.

    I can, without any hesitation, enthusiastically recommend Adam. You won’t find any better.

    - Tom Walker